How to Clean up Unnecessary Packages in Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu, there must be times when you feel the need to free some space on your hard drive. This post will introduces some of easy way to clean up unnecessary packages and regain some free spaces back. Getting rid of partial packages Getting rid of “orphaned” packages: References:

How to Install Octave Kernel in Jupyter

GNU Octave, is the open-source implementation of high level programming languages, primarily used in calculations. It is among the open-source alternative of MATLAB, however, compared to others, it has advantages in high compatibility with MATLAB. Among with Python and R, Octave are popular in data science community, particularly in learning and developing new algorithm, before… Read More »

How to Install Jupyter Notebook on CodeAnywhere

Jupyter is a spinoff project from IPython that aims to “develop open-source software, open-standards, and services for intearctive computing across dozens of programming languages”. The name itself is a reference to the three core languages supported by them: Julia, Python, and R. One of the famous feature is the Notebook that is mainly used as… Read More »

How to Install RStudio in CodeAnywhere server

CodeAnywhere is a cloud based development platform that enables developers to develop their app on the cloud, with interface available both for desktop and mobile. One of its features is the ability to deploy container, which is basically a Linux virtual server built with specific coding environment for example PHP, Java, Go, and others. One… Read More »